Monday 1 April 2024

Come and Learn Ozobot Coding with Us!

Ozobots are a fun way to learn how to code.  
Bastion Bobcats see the introductory videos below to begin your journey:

Introduction to Color Codes 01: Training [Full] (12:39)

How To: Colo[u]r Codes (1:56)

Learn to Code Getting Started with OzoBlockly and Ozobot Bit Robot (2 mins)
Note: a reminder to press the checkmark box after you have calibrated your Bit Robot
(so the software knows the calibration is complete)

Introduction to Ozobot Blockly 02: Sequences [Full] (12:17)
Note this video is for an "Evo" Ozobot which can load your code sequence by blue tooth connection (and thus you do not have to load the coding program on the iPad or computer screen
like you do for an Ozobot "Bit").

This Youtube tutorial is great for teachers/adults using Ozobot (Bit) 
for the first time and learning how to charge and calibrate them:

Ozobot Bit How to Power On and Calibrate (3:00)

Tuesday 5 March 2024

March Scholastic Book Club Order, 2024

Greetings Bastion Bobcats.  Book Club flyers are in (only 30 hard copies). 
Your child can pick the flyer up from the library. 

Please complete your order by March 13th.

Library code is RC 368 759

If you have any questions, please contact Mme M, aka Mme Murrells-Allaway,

Sunday 25 February 2024

Pink shirt Day, 2024 #PinkShirtDay #BeKind #Lifteachotherup


Pink Shirt Day, 2024

Pink it up today and end bullying every day!

Pink Shirt Day / Kids Explain / CBC Kids (1:30)

Easy Pink Shirt Day Song for Kids (1:53) (Primary)

"Travis Price - Creating Pink Shirt Day" presented by Canadian Museum for Human Rights (4 mins)

Travis Price's Act of Kindness by Canadian Museum for Human Rights

City TV Vancouver Interview with Travis Price (4:52)

Pink Shirt Day 2012 -Flash Mob - Victoria, BC (6:20)

Books , Books and More Books!

- Bastion Library: "Bullying" keyword search
- ORL (Public Library):  "Bullying"

Canadian Bullying rates highlight the severity of the issue 

  • 47% of Canadian parents have at least one child that has been a victim of bullying (Source: Public Safety Canada)
  • Around one-third of the population has experienced bullying as a child.(Source: Public Safety Canada)
  • Around one-third of teenagers have been bullied recently (Source: Public Safety Canada)
  • And 40% or nearly half of Canadians are bullied in the workplace every week. (Source: Public Safety Canada)
  • Prevnet states of LGBTQ Youth approximately 4% of teens identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or questioning ... These kids are more likely to be victims of bullying, ... harassments and physical abuse and face a greater risk of social isolation 

Parent Resources & Possible Action Steps:

Bullying in Canada, Public Safety Canada
"Help Protect Your Child from Cyber-bullying" government of Canada
#PinkitForward - Coast Capital continues with raising awareness, spreading kindness and raising money to help fund bully prevention programs for BC youth.  This month, say something nice about someone on social media and add #PinkItForward. For each hashtag, Coast Capital is donating $1 to Pink Shirt Day
- SOGI 1 2 3 BC - Other Social media hashtags for Pink Shirt Day: #pinkshirtday / #PinkShirtPromise / #BeKind / #Lifteachotherup