Sunday, 7 April 2019

April is National Poetry Month (2019)

Where does one start with poetry choices to read or write for National Poetry Month - so much incredible poetry exists out in our world?

As Bastion students are shifting from their learning with Black History Month, I thought this theme may be a good poetry topic to explore.  Join us in reading about discrimination, resiliancy, and shifting ideas about difference.

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Source: Pintrest

Source: Pintrest

List of Positive 1000 + Words of Encouragement (1)-min

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Maple Syrup Season, 2019

See below for Maple syrup examples across Canada:





- Summerland!

April 20th, 2018 (1:59) Maple syrup by Maple Roch ... but wait eventually it appears this company brings their syrup in from New Brunswick!

Vancouver Island:
- "BC's bigleaf maple syrup producers hard hit by a cold February", Times Colonist, March 30th, 2014.  Syrup from Big Leaf maples and Birch trees.

Ms. Murrells-Allaways' Maple Syrup Info "Page" - way more informaiton :)

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Pink Shirt Day, 2019

Pink Shirt Day, 2019

Pink it up today and end bullying every day!


2007, Nova Scotia Founders ...

Books , Books and More Books!

- Bastion Library - "Bullying" keyword search
- ORL - Public Library - "Bullying"

Book Descriptions &/or Trailers (Click on the image)

 How to Tame a Bully by Nancy Wilcox Richards

Student interview with author Nancy Wilcox Richards (8:21).
And Novelist summary and review found here (see teacher-librarian about log in credentials if needed).

 and click on Novelist for summary and book review (see teacher-librarian about log in credentials if needed).

 Book project/summary by a student (1:34). Novelist summary/info (see teacher-librarian about log in credentials if needed).

Jennifer Mook-Sang Interview - St. Joseph, St. Phillip and St. Agnes (49:30)
                      Novelist  summary/info (see teacher-librarian about log in credentials if needed).

Parent Resources:

Cyber-bulling Information for parents

Parents #PinkitForward!

PIF Instagram & Facebook 1200x1200.jpg

Coast Capital is bringing back #PinkItForward!

This month, say something nice about someone on social media and add #PinkItForward. For each hashtag, Coast Capital is donating $1 to Pink Shirt Day in support of bullying prevention programs for youth.*

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon, Jan 21, 2019 & a Little Moon and Earth Inquiry

Super Blood Wolf Moon, Jan 21, 2019

Picture by Jonathan Kopechek, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, University of Louisville.

Rob H. adds: "photos showing the progression to totality over about 2 hours.  No rotation and camera position doesn't change much except for elevevation as moon tracks across the night sky."

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"What is a lunar eclipse?"

Mystery Doug - "Why Does the Moon Turn Blood Red During a Lunar Eclipse?" - Ms. M has an account for Mystery Doug; see her if you want to view this clip.  Explains a lunar eclipse in small, easy-to-understand parts.  

Comet smashes into Super Blood Wolf Moon!

Grade 4 Science Curriculum
- How does the motions of earth and moon affect living and non-living systems?