Wednesday 10 May 2017

A Question for the SPCA re Off-Leash Dog Safety ...

After reading about and watching the Salmon Arm home page news article

‘Stand like a tree’ is key if you encounter an off-leash dog
May 1, 2017
If you or your children ever encounter an off-leash dog – even if it’s one you know from around your neighbourhood, it’s still important to be careful, especially if the dog’s guardians aren’t nearby.

we had some responses and questions: "I get stand like a tree, but the "be a log" sounds scary."

After much discussion we decided to contact the SPCA.

Ms. M-A wrote them May 10th, 2017:
A recent news item on the SPCA Salmon Arm home page re how to act when around threatening dogs teaches one to "stand like a tree" and also at times to lie down on the ground and cover your neck with your hands, "be a log."  Staff teachers & k-5 students want to know more about "being a log" as many feel scared about lying down on the ground when a potentially aggressive dog is nearby.  
Thanks, from the teacher-librarian, staff and students at Bastion Elementary, Salmon Arm.  We look forward to hearing and learning from "the experts."

Dear blog readers, we'll keep you posted to our answer ...

A poem to close with:

A Pet
A pet is a cuddly little thing,
Joy and laughter it will bring.
If your pet has way too much fur,
Expect it to bark or maybe just purr.
A pet could become a very close friend,
Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send.
It has the potential to cheer you up,
Right from the start, just like a pup.
Pets are wonderful, they're all unique,
They understand you, make sure you speak.
Don't forget to love them dearly,
They'll love you back, lots and sincerely.

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