Thursday, 1 June 2017

Canada Coding Week Has Begun! June 1-8, 2017

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Dear learners of any age: join me in my coding adventure during National Coding Week, June 1st-8th.

I aim to complete a lesson per day from various sources.  Tomorrow I'll host an intro lesson
at the Bastion Elementary Library Learning Commons: 11:55-12:25 ("Big Recess") about computational thinking.

Students, parents, and staff come join me to learn about graph paper coding from ...

And if time, I will review lesson one from #CLC150 June 1st "When We're Alone" based on the children's book by David Alexander Robertson about residential schools:


A reading by David Alexander Robertson's daughter Lauren and "Kookum," Betty Ross.

For more information about our Canadian Gov. coding initiative, go to the Canadian National Coding Web site, "See Who's Coding With Us."

Happy learning!  Ms. M-A.

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