Monday 10 July 2017

Summer Reading, 2017 & Where to Get Your Book Fix #3

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My family and I have returned to the series by Canadian author, illustrator, and CBC broadcaster Kevin Sylvester: Neil Flambé.  Novelist (email Ms. M-A for passwords) describes book one of six as follows:

Neil Flambe capers
Series Author:Sylvester, Kevin
 Ages 9-12Fiction
Description:Fourteen-year-old chef and budding detective Neil Flambé helps the police in their investigation of the murders of some of the best chefs in town, a puzzle that seems to have something to do with a mysterious smell and Marco Polo.

Image result for neil flambe and the marco polo murders

Ms. M-A and family recommend it: Canadian, Vancouver based, & strong protagonist.  It's a great detective suspense with a character who has lots of room for growth despite his intelligence and culinary + detective skills.

Another master source for great reads by age groupings is Vancouver

That's a wrap for this post.  Enjoy / profit-en!

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  1. Our family has been reading this series & we highly recommend it! What have you been reading this summer?