Sunday 6 May 2018

Author Karen Autio is coming to Bastion Elementary, Monday, May 14th, 2018

Karen Autio

Author Karen Autio will be joining us at Bastion elemenary in a week's time.  Check out her historical fiction trilogy:

Historical Novels

Second Watch
Eleven-year-old Saara dreams of a trip to Finland to meet her grandparents. When Papa loses his job, family tensions rise and Saara’s hopes fall. How will they ever save enough for the precious tickets, or convince Papa they should go? Uncle Arvo predicted a travelling year for Saara—but her journey will take her further than anyone could have imagined.

The 1914 tragedy of the steamship Empress of Ireland, Canada’s worst nautical disaster in peacetime, provides an historical basis for this compelling tale of hardship and hope, faith and family. Spirited Saara comes to life in the vivid world of Finnish immigrant culture in northwestern Ontario. Join her as she navigates a challenging time at home, and as she seeks passage on the majestic Empress of Ireland.  Source: Karen Autio 

Saara's Passage


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