Thursday 13 February 2020

Black History Month, 2020 Story "The Water Princess" about Georgie Badiel by Susan Verde and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds

February is Black History Month

Primary library day today at Bastion Elementary.  We read Susan Verde's book The Water Princess to learn about water issues in Burkino Faso.  The book is based on the childhood experience of Georgie Badiel.

The Water Princess by Susan Verde and Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
read by Rebekah Wall

In Burkina Faso, many people do not have access to clean water.
Georgie Badiel is trying to make positive changes through the Georgie Badiel Foundation
and also at one point through Ryan's Well, a Canadian Foundation.

(9:35 mins)

- How is Canada's water supply similar or different to Burkino Faso?
- Do all Canadians have clean water?

BASTION STUDENT QUESTIONS post learning about drinking water issues:
- Why don't people move to the water source?
- What can we do to help?

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