Sunday 13 September 2020

Mask Culture & Tips

What is the "why" behind choosing to wear or not to wear a mask?

Knight of Kindness: Wear a Fask Mask, CBC Kids (1:52)

Why Wear a Mask?  "Masks help us keep germs away from our mouths and our noses and they help us stay healthy," says Mr. Orlando the moose, in a new video for kids who might need a little extra support with mask-wearing, CBC Kids (1:20)

Wearing a mask is just one way to reduce spreading germs, by Baycare (2:01)
(Steps of how to put a mask on & take it off)

How to Wear A Mask: Dos & Don'ts

Masks at School: What Kids Need to Know, CBC Kids (1:18)

How to wear a fabric mask safely, World Health Organization (2:09)

How to wear a medical mask, World Health Organization (2:09)

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