Monday 19 April 2021

April 2021 is National Poetry Month, Thursday April 29th is Poem in Your Pocket Day #PocketPoem


April is National Poetry Month

Sample, taste, and delight in some poetry: from your Bastion or Okanagan Regional Libraries or from digital sources

Collect, &/or write some poetry for Poem in Your Pocket Day (PIYP Day), Thursday, April 29th.  This poetry sharing day is an international movement inviting us to select a poem, carry it with us, and share it with others safely distanced at schools, bookstores, libraries, local shops, parks, workplaces, coffee shops, street corners, and more.  You can read/share a poem or give it away!

See below and click on the the following link to learn about our Bastion Poem in Your Pocket Day, 2021:

For your French pocket poem needs (for both students and adults),
check out the 2018 booklet created by 

"The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll

"Ickle Me Tickle Me ..." by Shel Silverstein

Crocodile's Toothache (By Shel Silverstein) (2:19)

Haiku from written mostly by grade 3 students 

FREE VERSE: poetry that doesn't rhyme, but rather sounds like regular speech

"Firefly" by grade 1 student, Dylan read in Writers in Schools

Someone brought me a firefly.
Sparkling and glittering like a yellow crystal.
Looking like a star in the sky.
Cool in your hand to see.
It flies very fast and the buzz sounds like music.
It tickles as it crawls on my arm.
My heart turns into a flashlight.
Someone brought me a firefly, and it flashed away.

"Dear 14-Year-Old Valeria" by Valeria, grade 5 read in Writers in Schools
A poem for you:  
Singing is your favorite melody.
You found out what friendship means and where it lights up.
Everyone and everything inspires you to keep moving on.
So keep moving on.
The day and night are your best companions.
You see the world as not dangerous but as freedom
and if you ever speak up, know that it’s going to change
how you live and who you are.
You want to be free and escape to a place of delight.
As day and night combine, you will light up the sky.

"Exam Day" by local teacher Ms. Shawn Bird
In the class room
the fan makes the loudest noise
second to the crinkle of paper
turning, shuffling.
Shifting bodies.
deep breaths,
inhaling fortitude,
exhaling a last,
desperate hope.

"Begin Again" by Ms. Shawn Bird
See the tense bodies, tentative smiles,
step through the door into new beginnings,
slip into a new desk, a new view,
Stretch understandings,
begin again!

Poetry for Kids collected by


Asha Christensen at TEDxKids@SMU 2012 (2:41)

"The Miracle of Morning" by Amanda Gorman (2:22)

Solli Raphael, 12 becomes the youngest winner of Australian Poetry Slam (2:30)

Amanda Gorman reads "The Hill We Climb," USA Inauguration Poem, 
Jan 20, 2021 (5:52)

Lesson Plan Ideas for Educators:

A Poem for Adults Modelling for Children How to Be Their Best:
Thank you to Mme Isaac for sharing this Youtube version of "Desiderata" with me - beautiful.

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