Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Fiction Genre Books Aim to Entertain while Nonfiction books Aim to Inform or Teach

Knowledge is power
and knowing the difference between fiction and nonfiction is a great first step in learning how to access literature versus information.


The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith, illustrator Katz Cowley for example is a fictional picture book.  Author Cowley aims to entertain his readers.  Check below for this grandma's reaction to Mr. Smith's hilarious book:

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith reading by a Scottish grandma (4:16)


Information or nonfiction books, on the other hand, aim to inform or teach about a topic.  Books about farm or pet donkeys would have the dewey decimal number of 636.182.  Here are the search results for "donkeys" in our Bastion library, and here are the Okanagan Regional Library donkey resources

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