Monday 30 October 2023

Young Reader Choice Awards 2023-24: BC, Alberta, Ontario ... Other! Adults nominate, but KIDS CHOOSE THE WINNERS!

Canadian Young Reader Choice Awards, 2023-2024

What should I read next?  Hopefully Bastion students say this a lot.  Below are some great options.

These reading programs have adults nominating books, but kids and young adults reading them and choosing the winners - how exciting.  There are both French and English options.  BC's Red Cedar program (grade 4 & 5 [it's a grd 4-7 program]) I offer each year at Bastion due to our Parent Advisory Council's (PAC's) generous support.

Forest of Reading, Ontario Library Association: a reading program intended for all Canadians (French component as well)

Hackmatack (Atlantic Canada), French nominees as well

Red Cedar (BC) 

Chocolate Lily (BC)

AB Rocky Mtn (Alta)

MYRCA (Manitoba) 

PNLA run by the Pacific Northwest Library Association, a US/Canada joint venture.  They sponsor a year-long YRCA reading program for children in Grades 4 to 12 living in Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana and Washington. 

SK Willow (Sask)

Also, check out our Bastion library collection at: (search term =  YRCA)

Grade 4 & 5 Bastion Bobcats please join me for this year's Red Cedar Program
Warm wishes, Ms ou Mme M (aka Ms. Shannon Murrells-Allaway).


Some Great YRCA Promotionals:

Book talk for Gordon Korman's Unplugged by Edmonton Public Library Staff, 2024 PNLA nominee
Check out more information about PNLA by Edmonton Public Library: YRCA

"2023 YRCA Trailer" by Edmonton Public Library (EPL) Staff: 
promoting the 2022-2023 PNLA reading program (6:58)

Previous Winners:

- Red Cedar Past Winners

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