Wednesday 10 January 2024

Using QR Codes to Find Information


 How To Scan QR Codes:



QR Code - Book Exploration

First Stage: Choose a QR Code & Watch a Book Trailer

  • Choose a qr code (no turning over the sheets & peaking at titles)

  • Select an Ipad or Chromebook that matches your seating plan number

  • Scan the qr code (see instructional videos)

  • Return the qr code to the pink bin

  • Watch the book trailer video

Second Stage: Find out if the Bastion Library Has this Book

  • Open the web browser Safari or Google Chrome

  • Go to the Bastion homepage

  • Go to the library tab and select “Alexandria Library Search”

  • Click on the “Search” magnifying glass; Type in your book title or author

    • Is Your Library Book on the Shelves? 

      • YES: find the book on the shelves; put your shelf marker in beside the book, then take the book out (leave your shelf marker to mark its spot)

      • Return to the carpet and get to know the book more deeply

      • Volunteer to do a brief book talk about this book

      • NO: is it already signed out?  If yes, choose another qr code and repeat steps

      • Is it on the book trolley, or on display? 

      • If the Bastion library doesn’t have it, please recommend it to Mme M if you think it would be a good addition to the Bastion library

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