Sunday 11 February 2024

Happy Lunar New Year, 2024!

 Wishing health and prosperity
to all in our SD83 schools and our
Salmon Arm community!

What is Lunar New Year?

    - "Chinese New Year" by encyclopedia

Did you know? 2024 is the year of the dragon by NBC Bay Area (1:05)

What is Lunar New Year? | Chinese New Year for Kids by Twinkl Educational Publishing (2:46)

How we got our Holidays: Lunar New Year 2024 by Office Holidays (4:09)

All About Tet for Kids | 22 January | All About Vietnamese New Year 
by Twinkl USA (3:30)

Lion Dance vs Dragon Dance:

Lion Dancing: Good Wishes for the Chinese New Year (1:54)

Dragon Dance | Pavilion Kuala Lumpur CNY 2024
Year of The Dragon (Malaysia) (10:35)


- "Which Lunar New Year animal are you like?" by National Geographic Kids

Historica Canada celebrates Lunar New Year with a tribute to Chinese Canadians in the Second World War: they tweeted: "Happy Lunar New Year! In the past year, the Memory Project created a video commemorating the contributions of Chinese Canadians during the Second World War. Watch here:

Double Victory: Chinese Canadians in the Second World War (7:30)

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