Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bears - Classic Stories & North American Types

Fiction Storytelling:

Bears are part of our Canadian culture.  Many children are introduced to bears in their childhood through the classic story The Three Bears.  This story's roots goes back to 1813 when Robert Southey would tell his created tale to his friends.  In 1837 he wrote it down in The Doctor an essay and story collection - his story is the most well known as the original work.  

And yet in 1831 " Eleanor Mure fashioned a handmade booklet about the three bears and the old woman for her nephew Horace Broke's birthday" (Wikipedia)

Twelve Years later, Joseph Cundall changes the old woman in Southey's and Mure's older version to Goldilocks which has become the most well known version:  Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  See Below for author Jan Brett's version of The Three Bears:


Below is an MGM cartoon type (Disney Type) story telling:

And yet another version of this classic tale:


- Here are the search results for the keyword "bears" in our Alexandria library database (it includes fiction and nonfiction)
- North American Bears - Get Bear Smart Society


55 mins - covers hibernation too

55 Mins

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