Tuesday 14 November 2017

Kindies Learning About Wild Rabbits, Winter, Hibernation ... Wondering ...

Bastion kindergarten students are just learning about fiction vs non-fiction in the library.  They have been enjoying "E" Everybody picture books since September, but we are now moving onto
discovery / information books.

We are being detectives looking at book "call numbers" finding the "E" for picture books vs the number and letters for non-fiction information books.  I showed Ss the difference and invited them to sign out a non-fiction book today.

Ask your child if he or she chose an "Everybody Picture Book" or a non-fiction information book.

This week and last we learned about head lice from a storytelling book and an information book:
Story-telling "E" everybody book Bugs in my Hair David Shannon.



the information book Lice are Lousy: All About Headlice by Margaret Tsubakiyama & illustrator Anne Canaveri Geeen

Picture 1 of 1
           616.5     (Dermatology dewey classification)

Next week we'll look at wild rabbits (599.32) (rather than domestic ones [636.932) once again through storytelling and information books:
Storytelling book Snowboarding Bunny's: Mountain Adventure by Bonita Forsyth

Image result for snowboarding bunny's mountain adventure


Nonfiction Welcome to the World of Rabbits and Hares by Diane Swanson


Below are some digital resources to further our learning about Arctic Hares:

by Wildlife Facts (3:21)

Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, & Ptarmigan (4:29)
Published on Dec 9, 2015

The above video got me wondering about what else happens to animals in winter?  
I wanted to know more about hibernation.  
Here's another SciShow Kids video about this topic:

Groundhog Hibernation (3:46)

And that is exactly what happens when we wonder about the world!  Questions pop into our heads & then we go out to find answers from sources such as books, digital resources, magazines, videos, experts, and more.  

While being entertained by a good story is terrific, learning about the world and all of the amazing things in it is also an incredible experience.  

Thanks for learning with me today.  Mme Murrells-Allaway (aka Mme M)
Kindergarten Library Learning Commons day is each Tuesday.  Currently we are signing out one book per session, but we will increase that to one fiction and one non-fiction in Dec. or Jan.

A reminder that 
is each Wed after school 
Drop by to create an account with parent volunteer Morgan Brandle.  You can sign out up to 
5 books on your family account.  

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