Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Scholastic Book Fair, Dec. 4-8th, Mon-Fri, 2017

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SALES December 4-8th, 2017:

1. During Library Learning Commons Classes (LLC)

2. Outside of class time:
Mon - Fri
7:45 - 8:10
9:55 - 10:12
11:55 - 12:45

2:15 - 4pm except

Friday sales will end at 3pm

for the "Pack it up, Clean it up, Ship it back" crew!

Sale Theme Days by Student Grade:
Monday = Grade 4 & 5s and Monday library classes (Mr. Styles & Caner, & Mme Weir)
Tue & Wed = primary classes kindergarten to grade 3
Thur & Fri = any and all grades

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- Book Fair Parent Volunteer Schedule
- Promotion Coordinator
- Cashiers
- "Pack it up, Clean it up, Ship it back" crew - Friday, 3pm - 4'ish pending #'es of helpers
- Posters: Thank you to Joanne Johnson for organizing the posters.

Scholastic Book Fair Flyer:

Scholastic Book Fair Book Reviews:

Kids and Family READING REPORT, Canadian Edition

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The Scholastic fund raiser is a great way to get extra books into our Library Learning Commons (LLC).  With approximately 120 students participating in the "200 Nights of Reading," it is the French and English book fairs that will make May celebration book prizes possible.

Thanks for coming out to support this much loved fund raiser. 

I looking forward to seeing & working with you! 

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