Saturday, 20 October 2018

DEAR - Drop Everything and Read, Mon., Oct 22, 2018

Where red Monday and at 11:20 (or when most suitable) Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) for 20 minutes.  Some classes will DEAR in the hallway, while others will do so in the gym, while outside, or simply in their classrooms.  Where ever you DEAR enjoy those blissful 20 mins diving into an scrumptious book.

Let's aim for a sea of red at Bastion Monday and 20 mins or more of yummy reading!

DEAR 2016 from South Slope/ BCSD Library on Vimeo.

Thank you esteemed Teacher-Librarian @ Parkland Secondary, Sidney, BC
IB Coordinator - Sessional Instructor UBC Teacher-Librarian Diploma program
for this amazingly creative, student DEAR video!

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