Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Festival du Livre, Day 1, $523 Net

Great start to sales post Thanksgiving long weekend - soooo tough to remember anything let alone the start of the book fair!

We made $523 (net) today and we have a goal of possibly $3000 (net) sales so we can earn 60% back in Scholastic credit.  Nevertheless, $3000 in three days, may be too lofty.  So let's do the best we can and have fun buying yumy French books.

Wed & Thu
9:45-10am little recess
11:45-12:15 Big recess
2:05-4pm Wed and until 3pm Thu

Mme M-A is still looking for parent volunteers for cashier help and Thursday, 3pm clean up and pack up.  Contact her at smurrell@sd83.bc.ca.

Merci beaucoup.  

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