Monday 5 November 2018

Veteran's Week and Remembrance Day, 2018, 100 Years since the end of WWI

Veteran's Week & Nov., 11th, Remembrance Day = a very mixed emotions time. 

Inquiry: what roles do animals play during war?

Tales of Animals in War, 2018

2017 - Tales of Animals in War

                                                        Tales of Animals in War, 2017

Print Resources:

Innocent Heroes Fiction Red Cedar nominee, 2018-19

Digital Resources:

The Role of Animals WWI - BBC collection of pictures and brief summaries

Other War & Peace Themed Info:

"The Poppy Story (Early Years)" (4:04)
"An animated short film about the journey of the poppy and what it means. Written specifically for very young children this is an excellent introduction to the poppy and remembrance"
by PoppyscotlandEdu (YouTube)

 The Peace Book by Todd Par, Bastion Elementary's copy

History of the poppy through the story The Poppy Lady (15:11)

  Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market Flash Mob produced by Veterans Affairs Canada.
One of Mme M's favs!

Indigenous VeteransAboriginal Veterans Day is commemorated on November 8

Poppy with Canadian flag

Veteran's Week #CanadaRemembers

Remembrance Day, Government of Canada


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