Tuesday 4 December 2018

Scholastic Book Fair, 2018, Two Days Left!

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Alrighty we've thus far grossed $2360.75.  I'm not sure if we'll break over $4000 like some previous years, but we're still doing great and I, Ms. Murrells-Allaway, will be able to buy hundreds of dollars of scrumptions books for our beloved & heavily frequented Bastion Library.

Check out some of the Scholastic book trailers - yum.

AND tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday, & our theme is Scholastic Book Fair's - Enchanted Forest!  In fact, Robin Hood is visiting our Bastion book fair tomorrow!

Two days left to get your fav book(s).  See you at the fair ...

Book fair closes at 3pm Thu., Dec. 6th, 2018.  More adult and youth pack-up volunteers would be lovely. 

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  1. Wowee, Wowee! Great news and great "halfway" results! Come on, let's double it! Looking forward to helping out on Thursday...