Tuesday 1 January 2019

Young Reader Choice Awards Across Canada & BC's Two Programs: Red Cedar & Chocolate Lily, 2018-19

Young Reader Choice awards across Canada aim to have students choose their favourite literary young adult titles rather than adults. 

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BC's program is called Red Cedar and an includes fiction and nonfiction categories; Click here for FICTION reading age levels, summaries, and critical reviews from the Novelist database and the Okanagan Regional Library (ORL).

Another Young Reader Choice Award for just BC writers is the Chocolate Lily Award & includes categories for chapter books/early novels (grades 2-4), novels (grades 4-7) and picture books.

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Manitoba's is the Manitoba Young Reader's Choice Award (MYRCA)

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Ontario's is called the Forest of Reading & includes three French categories: La Foret de la Lecture, Prix Peuplier, Prix Tamarac = Tamarac Express et Tamarac

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The Pacific Northwest Library Association is a binational association and includes the areas of BC, Alberta, Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and beyond. 

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