Tuesday 30 November 2021

Volunteer Schedule for the Book Fair is Currently Filled - Fantastic!

Thank you to all who reached out so quickly offering your help at the book fair.  Our Bastion community is very special that way.  

Sorry for my delayed response.  I had a short window to eat some lunch and scroll through the bountiful emails after teaching my last class today,
and as I found an available person, I popped he/she/them into the schedule.  Bingity bangity boom, once that schedule was full,
it was onto submitting a Nov. 30th deadline book order I needed to complete and then the 2:12pm book fair sales - thanks to Matt K & Mme Jegues
who really helped with the awesome volume who came to support our book fair.

So yes, the shifts are filled (well, at the moment, as things do come up for people). 

The book fair has two more days of in-person sales, and then a final day of digital sales, Friday, Dec. 3rd


I aim to write about sales updates & monies generated to buy Scholastic books for our Bastion library in coming posts.

In closing for you really organized peeps, each year, typically the French book fair is the week following the Thanksgiving weekend,
and the English book fair will be the last week of November, 2022
- pull out those smartphone calendars
and let’s make it a date for potential volunteer assistance and of course some sales for some scrumptious books!

Together we do make a difference! 

Warm wishes, Ms. Shannon Murrells-Allaway.

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