Wednesday, 13 September 2023

Great Reading Opportunities for the 2023-24 School Year - Young Reader Choice Awards

Canadian Young Reader Choice Awards, 2023-2024

What should I read next?  Hopefully Bastion students say this a lot.  Below are some great options.

These reading programs have adults nominating books, but kids and young adults reading them and choosing the winners - how exciting.  There are both French and English options.  BC's Red Cedar program (grade 4 & 5 [it's a grd 4-7 program]) I offer each year at Bastion due to our Parent Advisory Council's (PAC's) generous support.

- Forest of Reading, Ontario Library Association: a reading program intended for all Canadians (French component as well)

- Hackmatack (Atlantic Canada), French nominees as well

- Red Cedar (BC) 

- Chocolate Lily (BC)

- AB Rocky Mtn (Alta)

- MYRCA (Manitoba) 

- PNLA run by the Pacific Northwest Library Association, a US/Canada joint venture

- SK Willow (Sask)

Also, check out our Bastion library collection at:

Warm wishes, Ms ou Mme M (aka Ms. Shannon Murrells-Allaway).

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