Thursday 7 September 2023

Head Lice: What are They and Ways to Prevent Them.

A nit (egg) and a louse (known as lice where there are more than 1)

Bastion Bobcats we tend to have lice finding their way onto Bastion Bobcat heads each fall.  Let's see if this year we can prevent the spread at our school.  See below to learn about lice, & strategies to keep them away and how to rid them if you do get them.

Mia learns about head lice with KidsCan (2:52)

Head Lice - Identification by Univ of Florida (3:11)

Promoting Health of Children & Youth | Infant & Youth Health | IH (

Canadian Paediatric Society: "Head Lice - Caring for Kids"  

Bastion library books about lice

Okanagan Regional Library books about lice

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